Aiden's Heart Foundation
A Non-Profit Corporation

On the night of Aiden's death I made it my mission to keep his spirit alive and to ensure that his passing was not in vain-Matthew Phillips 

Nothing brings me greater joy in knowing that Aiden is smiling down on us from heaven and helping us in this journey-
Jessica Wright

     On February 22,2005 a very special little boy was sent to us from heaven, we named this angel Aiden. Aiden was born with a heart condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Aiden did not have an easy 4 1/2 years of life , but in the spirit of his name, he was a " Fiery Gift from God ". He made the best of the short time he had on Earth. Everyone who had the pleasure to know Aiden, knew that he loved everything in this world and took nothing for granted. Aiden loved the sights,sounds,smells,tastes, and especially all the people he had the privilege to meet during his short stay. Aiden always had a smile on his beautiful little face, and without a doubt, he would make you smile while in his presence. He lit up the room with his vibrant smile and his bright shining eyes.

Unfortunately, on September 28,2009, due to several complications after his Fontan Procedure and ultimately a medication error that took his life, Aiden returned to his heavenly home. To honor Aiden's life and his spirit of living, we have begun this journey to ensure his death was not in vain. We are in the beginning stages of this journey now, we want Aiden to be proud of us, turning such a tragic event into something as great as helping others in need. We hope Aiden is looking down from heaven and " smiling " on us. We want to ensure that not only families that are raising children with heart defects, but families that have children that are struggling, get the help they need.

We cannot do this alone. Please, with your help, we can accomplish our goals,and make several families lifes more enjoyable and less stressful.

Please Mail Donations to
Aiden's Heart Foundation
59 B Hillview Drive
Marion, NC 28752

Office Location :
29 West Henderson St.
Suite 2
Marion, NC 28752

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